RPGUnit Tests

RPGUnit Test Update Site

Hi, this is the Tools/400 update site of the RPGUnit Tests plugin for IBM Rational Developer for Power Systems 7.0.

Example Screen Shot

Right-Click your test suite service program and select 'Run RPGUnit Test' from the context menu. The result is shown in view 'RPGUnit'.

RDP: Execute RPGUnit test and view the result

Installing The Plugin

From the main menu, select "Help > Software Updates > Find and Install..." to enter the "Install" dialog.

RDP: Install new software

Add the RPGUnit update site:

RDP: Install new software

Then click "Finish" and select the options you want to install:

RDP: Install new software

Download i5 Component

Follow the installation steps given in readme_first.txt to install RPGUnit on your system. The zip file includes a save file with the RPGUNIT library and a local update site for the plugin as well.

RPGUNIT v1.4.2 for WDSC 7.0 - (20131107_1007)